My Specialty

Canvas Creations

The creation on canvas works is becoming my front running item. This is primarily due to my ever-growing passion to create these works. As my body ages I also suspect this will become my greater pursuit. I have extensive skill on faux finishing work, and this continues to be the bread and butter. However, thank you for any interest in my canvas creations. Because I use much of the same media that I use in faux finishing, this area of canvas work has taken a delightful turn.

Faux Finishes

Faux Finishes for walls, ceilings, floors, doors, columns, mantles, canvas, and accessories. Finishes include old world European finishes and plasters, Venetian plaster, contemporary metallic finishes and plasters, gold leafing, metallic, color, and holographic foils, masking systems and stencils, wood-graining, marble, various stone, semi-precious stone, leather, parchment, cork, imprints, embossing, glazing, art imprints, and more.

Cabinet and Furniture Finishes

Creative creations on cabinetry and furniture is just as unlimited as wall finishes. When you have structurally sound cabinetry it is well worth the cost and appeal to pursue a creative update. With furniture, at times the piece needs a little repair or rebuild, first. I have wood working experience to provide some of that as well. We do want to restore the soundness of the piece. They bring it back to life with a new look. That approach can be conservative or bold. Our line of products have been providing high-end custom cabinetry and furniture finishes for decades. These are quality products for quality finishes. 


I am more selective with murals at this point in my history. Murals are provided on-site or prepared off-site on various substrates from canvas to rigid panels. Subject for murals or smaller artistic accents includes scenery, people, animal life, architectural, floral or foliage, or man-made objects of client interest. Art style can be adapted to the needs (ex: photo-realistic, painterly, stylized to the era or theme, or simplified children's art).

A full portfolio is available for view by appointment.

Area Served

The Painted Finish & Image serves residential, churches, and commercial customers predominantly in North/Central Indiana. I am looking forward to the opportunities of increased service throughout the states. The type of work determines my ability and willingness to perform work outside of our immediate area.