Meet The Artist

Jeff Corwin | Painted Finish & ImageI am Corwin Winger, the founder, owner, and artist of The Painted Finish & Image, serving residential and commercial clients with my base in Central Indiana.

Beginning life in rural Indiana (born 1968), the visual arts saturated most of my boyhood. Taking Grand Champions, Best of Show, and People’s Choice Awards at local fine arts competitions made a lasting impression on my heart and mind. Such encouragement affirmed the decision to pursue the arts as a career.

Although the creative path began long before 1986, it was at this time I began developing creative skills on a professional level through the bachelor of fine arts program at the Kansas City Art Institute, majoring in illustration and design.

In 1989 an internship at Hallmark Cards Greeting Card Design began my professional career just prior to graduation in 1990. Upon graduation I pursued freelance illustration work in Kansas City, and then in Chicago. It wasn’t long before I was back in Kansas City however, and working as a sportswear illustrator for a local silkscreen printing company, soon to be bought out by Josten’s, and later by Fruit of The Loom.

Corporate developments from this buyout soon evolved to their relocation to New Jersey, and the beginning of my ten year teaching career as a visual arts instructor for Jr. and Sr. High students in Kansas City, Missouri. It was during this period I began interacting with another KCAI alumni, colleague and friend, regarding murals and faux finishes. In 2002 I launched into a part-time business of painting murals and faux finishes while I continued to instruct. I began informal (book) training with internationally known decorative painters, and began to learn from their expert input, as well as learning their finishes. As a skilled illustrator, designer, and teacher, trained and fluent in color theory, elements and principles of strong design, and experienced in various painting media, making the transition to a new application of visual artistry (decorative painting) was a natural step. However, I continue to train, and never to plateau.

2006 was the year I both transitioned to Indiana from Kansas City, and into full-time decorative painting. I received my first “official” Certificate of Graduation from the Martin Alan Hirsch Decorative Finishes Studio in the spring of 2008. However I was already graced to have painted in such grand projects as the Casa Bella Banquet Hall adjoined to the Pastarrific Italian Restaurant, area churches for both mural and faux finishing work, and numerous residential projects. Additional formal training continued.

My business name was changed in 2010 from Winger Design to The Painted Finish & Image to better reflect my specialty of decorative painting. I have trained with Faux Effects International through the Decorative Finishes Studio, as well as learning the finishes of Melanie Royals of Royal Designs Studio, and more recently with Prismatic Paint and Plaster. I “get to paint,” and it is a joy to serve others through the enhancement of their spaces, as well as the joy of interacting with people. I sincerely believe that this work is not solely about the commodity of decorative painting, but also the privilege of interacting with and serving others – great people. The motto that guides my business is Caring and Creating With Excellence! Driven to never let either of those suffer, I diligently work to identify and sharpen ways to accomplish both.

Throughout the earlier years I had created a canvas work here and there, although several murals were canvas works as well. As the end of 2016 was approaching it began to settle more deeply in my heart the desire to transition more into canvas work, and specialty furniture and cabinet finishes. As an artist, I generally jump at any opportunity to “create.” So the privilege of “creating” tends to take priority over any preferred form. I just love the privilege to paint! Thank you for any privilege you give me, simply to create for you. Most days, however, I find myself in the studio - creating on canvas. This is such a joy to me. Again, thank you for any opportunity you allow me in creating a work for you, whether that be a finish, or a canvas work.


  • International Decorative Artisans League (IDAL)