Canvas art subject matter or themes:
I do enjoy non-representational compositions. In addition, and as a former illustrator and muralist, I also haven't shied away from any representational theme or subject matter. However, in most recent works I tend to paint the non-objective compositions, or themes of nature, and an occasional human figure. Although these two themes are representational, I prefer to take a less realistic approach for a more painterly representational or abstracted approach. The non-objective works have simply been a natural outgrowth of working with such a variety of Faux finishing media. This media has allowed me to create compositions with such a delightful play of color, metallic, textures and more. I have often marveled at the spontaneous harmony and beauty that occurred on the palette while painting a canvas work. The same could be said for preparing faux finishing for a wall, furnishing, dome or other surface for refinishing. The media we use in faux finishing simply affords some fun surprises. There is a particular designer that I work with in the Indianapolis area that has honored me by stating how even the faux finishing upon a wall is also a work of art. I appreciate that kindness, as well as the truth of the statement. Meaning, I craft each work with as much care as with any artistic work - in The Strokes, the color, the balance of visual texture or composition. So it is true, whether I am crafting a canvas with a figure, a theme in nature, a non-objective composition, or a finish up on a wall, furniture, mantle or more. They are surfaces for the visual dance. And each of them bring joy to the maker.
Can a customer commission custom-themed canvas work?
Yes, I am always happy to entertain conversation and the requests of my customers, as with any work. In regards to faux finishing I am working with the customer for their desired finish. With canvas work I am thrilled to sell a work of my own in which they are pleased and wish to purchase.
How are the Canvas Works built?
All Canvas Creations are custom built Poplar frames, with Birch cabinet grade backing before wrapped with canvas or muslin, and primed. I prefer this rigid surface due to the variety of trowels and tools that I use to paint with. The rigid surface provides a firm surface upon which to work, and well as added protection for this multi-media work.
What type of media is used in the canvas works?
All canvas work is painted with water-based mixed media. Being introduced to a variety of faux finishing media, I have introduced those into canvas work along with a combination of traditional acrylic artist media. The unique faux media provides an array of media simply not found in traditional art acrylics. In the faux industry we are graced to have such find media of unique plasters, metallics, mica powders, stains, leaf, foils and more, that have just been such a delightful media to introduce into the canvas work.
Who and how are your works installed on location?
I will install my own works, unless you express that you already have an installer. Location for the installation can have impact on installation cost. Costs for any installation is independently discussed.
How do you deliver or ship canvas work?
At this point in time I prefer to transport and install my work, here in the local market. As works are purchased from regions beyond central Indiana and the near Midwest, I approach and discuss on an independent basis.
How do I benefit by meeting with you in regards to faux finish work, and how do we begin?
With no obligation, call me at (765) 753-0328 to discuss your project and any budget needs you may have already predetermined. Some people are driven by the budget, and others by aesthetics. With you as the client, the goal, from the first meeting with you to the time the job is completed, is to be in constant communication with you. This is your space, so utmost effort is given to achieve what you want rather than what I or others want. All costs are discussed up front and confirmed in writing before any samples or site-work begins. After we discuss your needs and my basic approach, you may decide if you wish to proceed with any consultation or production scheduling.

The first meeting: I will bring a portfolio of actual samples to your location, get to know you and your needs a little better, get measurements, and any site-specific information. Based upon your other art, fabrics, colors, wall décor, tile, carpet, etc… I will work with you to find a finish that fits your space and needs. Upon selecting a finish sample or custom direction for your finish(s), and with your expressed desire to proceed, a sample may then be commissioned (either as an existing finish that is tailored to your color needs, or a sample of a custom finish created with your preferred selection of media). If you are selecting a finish from the portfolio I will provide an estimate for you soon after our meeting and before the commissioning of any sample. If you are electing a newly created and custom finish I will not be able to provide an estimate until the sample is complete and therefore identifying what is involved. View our Sample Making Policy link located in the FAQ question “Do you charge for sample boards?” There is a cost for sample production.

The Second Meeting: If you proceeded with commissioning me to do a sample I will return for a second visit, with the completed sample, to get your approval on the sample(s), or redirection if needed. With a completed and approved sample(s), the site work can then be contracted, scheduled, and performed.
Why use decorative finishes?
The professional lines of faux finishing products and the creative combinations of these media make for unique and captivating finishes. There is nothing like them. These finishes enliven any space with interest and beauty, enhance the emotional value that color and texture contribute to establishing an environment or mood, and can even hide flaws in your walls as a practical function. There are no unsightly seams, peeling back of the papers or the mess and process of repair and replacement, replication of limited patterns in the “run” or tile, costly removal of existing structures and replacement with “the real thing”. Hand-painted finishes provide the opportunity to create something new and unique, or even simulate nature through the art of faux. As these finishes are hand crafted they can be tailored precisely to your taste and color needs. If you consider it to be of any personal value and benefit, your finish can be custom as a one-of-a-kind finish.
Does The Painted Finish & Image paint more than just walls?
Absolutely! I provide these finishes on ceilings, floors, walls, doors, columns, mantles, canvas, accessories, and just about any other surface that is properly prepared and can be painted. I am the one who ensures that proper preparations are made.
Do I need to work with a designer or decorator?
It isn't necessary that you work with a designer, although many people find it helpful. I work with a few designers and can recommend one to you. A designer is very helpful when it comes to the coordination and purchase of numerous new items such as furniture, fabrics, flooring, and so forth. Bear in mind that designers typically mark up my work, or arrange to bill you separately for their input. I would not recommend them if you are only pursuing decorative painting. Utilize them, however, if you are desiring to redesign the entire environment. I am not an interior designer, though trained in color theory, visual design and composition none the less. Balance your needs with the scope of the project and budget. My specialty is to develop finishes or imagery that work within your design scheme to form a coordinated and completely integrated whole. For a scope beyond decorative painting you might consider the use of a decorator or designer. I would be happy to suggest someone from the list of decorators and designers with whom I work.
Do you charge for consultations?
An initial consultation is free of charge. This allows you to view my portfolio in person and for me to see the space(s) you would like finished, as well as the elements of and within the environment. In this meeting, we will discuss and plan your project. You may choose one of my many sampled finishes, or a new finish can be created just for you. I will help you find the right finish and colors for your wants and needs, and one that works with your decorating style. The first consultation is at no expense to you. However to avoid ongoing consultations without compensation, a rate of $65 per hour may be incurred for subsequent consultations. Though I employ professional safeguards, serving you well remains my priority. No fees will be incurred without clear communication on my behalf (no hidden fees).
How much can I expect to spend?
My DBR is about $600, said and done. Professional high-end finishes generally range in price from $10 to $40 per a square foot. However, when it is all said and done expect to pay the $600 DBR. There are simply times when the square footage is so small that the DBR becomes the more necessary rate over the square foot rate. Variables that influence the price are the condition of the walls, the number of layers and passes, media selections, the amount of edging, elevation, needed masking and covering, location, and ultimately the time consumed. Some multi-layered finishes will go even higher, as does work performed on small items such as column, mantles, countertops, and doors for example. Fortunately price does not necessarily indicate beauty as some of the lower cost finishes are quite elegant. Having said all that you can expect a "typical" 10’x10 room (320 sq.ft.) to cost somewhere between $2500 to $4000 for higher end finishes, and $2000-$3000 for lower end finishes (such as glazing). I will quote you a firm price before any work begins so there will be no hidden fees.

The uniqueness of your space, the time involved, the complexity of the finish, and the cost of quality materials are all factors in the final price. I price my finishes by the job. Because these are custom created finishes, they do cost more than mass-production wall covering. This is part of your task in prioritizing your personal value of this refined craft balanced with your need to govern costs. Some people are fully utilitarian and are therefore governed entirely by the cost. They are not coinsurers of the arts or buyers of this service and work, generally. Others are more governed by the aesthetics and receiving all the benefits of custom artistry in their personal space and ownership. These latter buyers are patrons of the arts, and are most appreciative of what this work offers, entails, and the reflected costs.

Sometimes there is an added cost for ceilings and very high walls as scaffolding is required. Jobs involving custom murals or ornamentation will incur an additional design fee (imagery predetermined before the sitework).
Murals range from $50+ and up, per sq ft. They are a more difficult to price with many variables to consider. Design, size, amount of detail, wall surface, wall condition, subject matter, and location all factor in to the cost. A small wall niche may cost $500 for site work, while a full wall mural can cost thousands of dollars.

Straight interior house painting, skim coating (smoothing out texture) and minor wall repair are also provided to my clients. Though I wish to be competitive in pricing I simply cannot be competitive in this area. It would probably be more cost effective for others to perform this work as I will still seek to maintain the DBR. Further, I will be able to ensure surfaces are properly prepared.

Changes can almost always be made to work in progress, but usually require a renegotiation of the fee, and newly written arrangements.
Do you charge for your sample boards?
Yes. The fee is $100 for the first sample for a given area and/or finish. Any additional boards for that finish or area (should they be needed) cost $50 each. Note: samples for wood graining and marbling cost $200 for each sample. The sample fee rarely covers all the material and time expense to produce them, but the investment does communicate the client’s level of commitment, and at times provides some monetary compensation for the creation time and media expense. All sample boards remain the property of The Painted Finish & Image. On average, we are able to meet your needs with one or two samples. However, it's to everyone's advantage for you to gather anything that might help in this process (colors, carpet, fabrics, tile). Sample boards are necessary as they clarify the desires of the client as to the color and textural needs of the finish. These are critical to validate or confirm the accurate interpretation of the direction provided, suitability to the environment, or redirection as needed. Grant it, a sample establishes the direction, but no artist's sample perfectly matches the final product. This is CUSTOM work. The final product does, however, reach similar likeness. This small fee is a small investment for the clarity it provides. Further, custom sample production enables the finisher to accurately assess pertinent data for the media combination, time involvement, and most accurate costs for the job. This is helpful to the client to know that the finisher intimately learns all that is needed about your custom finish before it is applied to the wall or other substrate, and enables accurate pricing.

The sample-making fee and signed Sample Request Agreement must be secured from you, the client, before materials are purchased and the sample is created. The sample production usually takes 2-3 weeks, but depends on the number of samples being produced and at times can be produced sooner.

Will my walls look exactly like the sample?
As with any hand finished creation, you should always expect at least some variation. This is custom artwork, and this industry has an acceptability of some variance. The sample board is a representation of what you will get, and I make every effort to match it. But, this work is hand-crafted, and no two examples are exactly alike. Often times, variables such as existing wall texture or lighting, the nature of custom mixing and multiple layers, as well as the exact pressure of the hand from one day to the next, can have a subtle effect on the overall look of a project. Additional note of help – you can view existing samples I have on file, and compare to the on-site work as presented on my web page. Examples of these finished works, in comparison to samples, may give you that further assurance of the finish work looking close to the appearance of the sample.
How durable will my finished walls be?
Your finished walls will be as durable as any other painted wall and in most cases, even more so! Expect the normal wear of a painted wall, especially in high traffic areas. The advantage of a decorative finish is that oftentimes the texture and appearance of the finish can "hide" nicks, fingerprints, and other imperfections. I can help you determine which finishes will work best in your space to meet your decorative and durability needs. There are options to increase the durability further, and I will be happy to discuss those options with you. Many of these finishes are harder than a painted surface, and do not take an impression easily.
What kind of warranty do you provide?
I guarantee the finish to be free from defect as a result of product failure or my manner of application. These are superior quality products and they will last. Normal wear and tear is not covered. These surfaces can be damaged just like any other finish, product, and such caused damage is not covered. Keep in mind that a finish is only as good as the base upon which it is painted. If others have prepared the base I cannot guarantee their work. Nor can I assume responsibility for nature, such as water leaks that have entered from the back side and caused adhesion or coloring issues. However, I do not expect you to be able to make any minor or even major repairs to these finishes. Therefore, please phone me for assistance. I will seek to assist you. I may or may not be able to provide the service without cost to you. I will be as generous as I can afford to do so, even at times when it is not a failure of my workmanship or product failure.
Who does the actual work?
I do. When you hire me you get me and my concern for the craft. Depending on the size of the job I may bring on an assistant, but I am always on-site and hands-on.
Are you insured?
Yes. I carry a one million dollar business liability insurance which covers any damages to your property. If you ask “What if you get paint on my expensive rug?” My answer is “We won’t!”

However, accidents “can” happen, which is why we carry a general liability insurance policy that covers up to one million dollars of damage. In my performing of this specific craft since 2002, I have never had such an incident, and I take utmost care so as to avoid such.

What are your qualifications?
See the “About” me profile tab on the home page. Since 1990 I have practiced professionally as an artist and designer with a bachelor of fine arts from the Kansas City Art Institute. I continue to train in the art of faux finishing with such internationally known artisans and industry leaders as Martin Alan Hirsch, Krista Vind and others from Faux Effects International. I am further skilled in the masking systems and finishes of Melanie Royals, and the finishes of Pierre Finkelstein and Ina Marx, truly a winning combination that results in decorative finishes that speak for themselves. Please take the opportunity of my offer to visit with you, and allow my actual samples and portfolio books to provide you a confidence in my creative ability to generate originality for you.
How can I get on the schedule?
Work is scheduled on a first come first served basis. Only a deposit secures a scheduled work date. To have your job scheduled, I must first receive up to a 50% down payment with the signed work agreement. This is the only way to reserve a scheduled date. The remaining balance will be due upon completion of your project. If the project is of significant size payments are generally scheduled on a weekly basis for work performed thus far, or similar pay schedule arrangement. Something to consider: The fall season leading into the holidays can book up quickly so it's best to plan in advance if you want something done by a specific date. The Painted Finish & Image accepts cash or checks as a form of payment.

The sample-making fee and signed Sample Request Agreement must be secured from you, the client, before materials are purchased and the sample is created. The sample production usually takes 2-3 weeks, but at times can be produced sooner. After the sample is completed, we will meet again to view the sample in its environment. If the sample needs to be "tweaked", I will start the sample process again. If the sample meets your approval, a start date will be set, and a Work Agreement will be written for you to sign and return with the deposit payment. The time table depends on the size of the project and the availability in my schedule. Most projects can be completed within a 6 week period, but a longer wait is not uncommon for large projects. In new construction where jobs are frequently delayed, your project may be one that could be bumped up or delayed.

What hours are available for you to do the painting?
I am typically very flexible and will work with you on time constraints that you may have. If there are only certain hours where work can be accomplished such as evenings or weekends, we can work together toward a solution. Again, this is your space, and I wish to accommodate your needs so to minimize interference with your flow of that space. Residential work enables a schedule that is a little different than the needs of a business. For my residential clients I generally arrive at a morning time that it suitable for them (typically around 8am). Often I am entrusted with a key or access code, enabling me to perform the work while they are away, and completing the day’s work and locking up just before they return home for the evening. Keys are returned to their hidden location as appropriate. My clients have been confident in providing personal entry and I pride myself in this trustworthiness, enabling my clients to be at ease and confident with my care of their space. On some occasions I will also perform Saturday work if they are away for the day or weekend. The needs of a business vary, especially whether it is new construction or refinishing an existing business interior. If I will be in the way of their clients, work is scheduled after their business hours and on weekends. The needs of every business varies, as does there preferred arrangement for entry.
How long will it take to complete a project?
A project can take as little as a few days to several weeks depending on the size of the space, the complexity of the technique, and available work hours as indicated in the previous bullet. Please do all that you can to help me prevent disruption in work: Everyone wants a finish to be performed with the utmost care and craft. Therefore, it is most appropriate to have pets removed from the area, the activity of children to be governed, if not arranged to be out of the area until the work is complete, and onlookers or “sidewalk superintendants” to be out of the area. You do not want any distractions to the performing of top-notch craft, nor do I.
One thing experience teaches me is not only how to do what I do, but how to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible, ever-mindful of the craft with which the work is performed. I will always be punctual, and in constant communication with you regarding the progress.
Naturally, it depends on the size of the job and the type of finish being done, but you will be given the best estimate possible. Keep in mind that most finishes require several coats/passes, and typically each layer has to dry overnight. A few days is usually the minimum for a finish.
Can you work over my existing paint or texture?
It depends. The quality of the basecoat can directly affect the finish applied over it, and we cannot guarantee the work of another painter. The price given for a job always includes the base coat. If your walls appear to be in good condition, and you are willing to take the risks, you can save money by picking a finish that works with your existing color. The only exception is glazing. Experience has taught me that the absorption of differing surfaces advises that I always basecoat when performing a glazing application. As far as texture is concerned, many finishes require a smooth surface, and unfortunately some new homes come with textured walls. The most common (when previously textured) are knockdown, orange peel, and skip trowel textures. These textures can limit your options with my specialty finishes as a smooth surface is often required. If you like the texture of your walls there are ways to accentuate it. If a totally smooth wall is needed the walls can be skim coated for a nice smooth finish. I can perform this work for you or you can hire it out to others. It simply needs to be discussed.
What kind of preparation needs to be done in the room before the start of a job?
The things that I do not provide are: repair of major wall damage, removal of personal items and the moving of very large, heavy furniture. If you have important breakables, such as valuable china, please move it to another area, out of the way. Any complicated electronic equipment or computers may need to be handled by professionals in that field. Also, some custom draperies may need to be removed and reinstalled by a drapery installer. You may ask me to quote a price for the removal of wallpaper, or you may hire it out. I will do all prep work including: protecting and masking off surrounding area and such that cannot be removed from the room, and the repair of minor wall damage. I will do skim coating or texturing as hired to do so. Base coating are always included in the bid, and priming if it is needed. I will let you know if there is anything out of the ordinary you need to do before I arrive. I will handle all remaining smaller and trivial matters. I can also handle some of the smaller furnishings, but be mindful this equates to time, increased liability, and simply can increase your cost. Again, the most important thing is to communicate your needs. Communication is of the utmost importance to ensure all of your needs are met, and that I serve you well. I hope this above information has served you, and I would be honored for the opportunity to serve you further. It is my desire to provide an experience that is pleasant, and worth repeating and sharing with others.