Business Philosophy

The primary aims that drive The Painted Finish & Image

  • Creating and Caring with Excellence! My business aim is to be sensitive and caring with my clients and their needs, both the decorative painting craft as well as the manner of delivery. My aim is to prioritize you. Therefore I work with you to identify your needs, color schemes, preferred technique(s), and time frames. I do all that I can to ensure that you opt only for what you want, and to receive what you want. I will offer input as you desire it. Otherwise I aim to be most attentive to what you are wanting, and the preferences and concerns that you have. My professional input can either come alongside you in support, or to provide direction as you desire it. My aim is to develop finishes or imagery that work within the design scheme, to form a coordinated and completely integrated whole.
  • I pride myself in the manner with which I work in your environment, as well as take pride in my work. Your property is of utmost concern to me. It is your space. Although I carry a million dollar insurance policy I take utmost care as to not damage any of your property. I have been recognized for my manner of working as “quiet”, “unobtrusive”, “meticulous” and “neat”.
  • I aim for quality not only in my manner of delivery and quality finishes; I also use quality professional decorative painting materials. This is a custom, fine art craft. It is all unique and custom tailored to your needs and environment with industry leading products, professionalism and individual artistry.
  • Because my aim is to care well for people, I not only want to provide an excellent craft in an excellent fashion, I also want to prioritize “people as people” as my utmost concern. I am grateful for the business opportunity that I have with you, but I am also grateful for the opportunity to serve you – through individual care, and through enhancing the space and atmosphere of the place you reside or work.
  • Constant Communication is key. They best way I can ensure that I meet every need is for everyone to clearly communicate needs. I want to serve you the best I can, not overlooking anything.
  • Decorative painting is a service not just an art, so I am happy to receive input from you as the client. If there is a designer involved it is most appropriate for the interaction to take place between the two of you unless established otherwise. Please coordinate needs through the designer if our service is provided to you through their care.
  • Professional ethics make it important for me to honor your interior designer (if you have elected to use one), and channel all needs through him or her.

What sets The Painted Finish & Image apart?

Answer:  “Caring and Creating with Excellence.”  Meaning:

1 . Your provider of a comprehensive selection of masterful finishes performed with professional, high-end faux finishing and refinishing and canvas media.

2. A business that aims for more than the mere sale of a commodity, but an opportunity to enrich the lives of people through
a. personal care-giving from beginning to end and beyond.
b. creating custom designs that make living and work environments more enjoyable and inspiring to be in.

3. Over twenty-five years of artistic exercise developing media knowledge and technical skill to provide custom decorative painting that’s artistically tailored to the needs of your unique space. My understanding of design composition, color theory and knowledge of product characteristics and interactivity, are among the key traits that contribute extensively to my ability to create unique decorative finishes and artworks.

4. The Painted Finish & Image is fully insured.