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I am in the business of creating a beautiful work for you – whether that be in the form of a specialty faux finish or canvas work(s) to adorn your space with beauty, or intrigue and conversation. You can receive an innovative, custom or old world finish to complement your décor, or a canvas work(s) of my own or your theme. I offer an extensive range of faux finishes to choose from or to inspire a new faux finish. Faux finishing may be applied to walls, floors, ceilings, columns, doors, canvas, accessories, furniture, mantles and more. I custom build my canvases and work with a variety of paint media, including specialty faux media.

I count it a privilege to paint, and desire to serve you, my patrons, with the utmost of care and craft in the creative work(s), as well as an excellent manner of caring for you and your home. It is of paramount importance to me that excellence not only embody the creative work, but also the relational experience. It is truly a privilege to serve you with care in our communication, my work manners, cleanliness, respect for your home, and the complete delivery process. I don’t merely desire customers, but patrons who appreciate this work and experience as much as I do.

With this priority and intent I set out to take great care of you to ensure that you are comfortable with your decisions, confident with my expertise and professionalism, and have a good experience with service that is worth repeating and referring to others.

As you review my bio you can have opportunity to learn more about my creative background, education, and experience. I am further certified in decorative work, insured, and a professional with a long record of customer care and satisfaction. Thank you for the opportunity of serving you.